We had another fantastic day with our Lord in Haiti. Karl started out in the Pastor’s Conference teaching on the Spiritual Gifts. They enjoyed it so much Karl spoke from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. Will spoke from 11 a.m. till 12 noon and then we all had lunch. Betty taught her ladies class this morning and then Allie had her young ladies class. Then she took them out to play soccer the rest of the morning. They loved it and so did Allie. It is so great to see Allie showing the love of Christ to these young girls.

We were treated again with Pastor Dorleon’s wife and Ginette’s cooking us a Haitian meal of goat, rice, beans, sauce for the rice, potato salad, & fried plantain. After lunch Pastor Ken finished up the Pastor’s Conference from 1 p.m. till about three. They are already thanking us and asking us when we will come back. This is such a blessing for us that they are really enjoying our teaching.

Joshua finished up the foundation and wall for the shade house. He has had several of the young Haitian men helping him and more that are just watching and curious. He will finish it up tomorrow and explain to the Haitian men how to plant and water in the shade house.

Kenny and Eric returned today from Jerusalem II, on top of a mountain about two hours away. They really roughed it: no electricity, no water, not outhouse, and no shower. They stayed in a small room of Pastor Fenales (Pastor of the church). They went to a small church in the mountains where there was no lights so it was pretty dark and Kenny preached a message. The next day they started the foundation.

Bro. Chuck preached the message tonight on John 3:16, and the Holy Spirit was in the House of the Lord. It was an exciting from the beginning to the end. To Him all the Glory!!!!!!!!!!

We visited two voodoo priest’s villages today, Daniel’s and John Wesley’s. We took them some food that was given to us from buya.org, which they received from Feed My Starving Children (fmsc.org). This food is designed specifically for malnourished children. It is full of vitamins and protein. Not only is it good for children it is great for the elderly.

We have had a voodoo priest come every night now. That is nothing short of a miracle but that is what our God does: isn’t it?

It is hard to believe but tomorrow is our last day. We will be busy. I can hardly wait.

Allie’s Wednesday
Today was great! I am starting to get more accustomed to the Haitian culture and lifestyle. It is so very different from our culture in America. Everyone is more easygoing and joyful here! I have really been encouraged by all the members of the team, everyone’s attitude and hearts are focused on God! Today was the second day of my Bible study with the teenage girls here. We discussed how indescribably big God is, how much He loves us and how we should respond to that great love. After the bible study the girls were just asking me several questions about myself. We got into talking about soccer and I asked them if they liked soccer, they said yes, but they didn’t know how to play. So I went and got a soccer ball out of my room and just the girls played. I don’t think they ever get to play, just the boys mostly do. So this time the boys watched and the girls played. We set up two goals with large rocks, split up into teams and played. The girls and I had a blast! I was glad that I was able to share two things that I love with them today.

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March 27, 2008
March 25, 2008