This morning is a beautiful morning with the sun rising, birds singing, dogs barking and a cool crisp breeze. We had our morning devotion and started our day. Eric and Kenny are still up in Jerusalem II and we are praying that the foundation is going well. Karl started the Pastor’s Conference while Betty started her Women’s Study and Joshua started working on the shade house. After Betty had her class, Allie taught a youth group. Will and I finished up the morning Pastor’s Conference before lunch and we all took a break for lunch.

After lunch Pastor Ken continued the conference till about 3 p.m., while Joshua, Karl, Will and Allie worked on the shade house. Betty and I worked on organizing the depot and doing inventory. Betty did most of the work.

We then had supper (chicken and noodles with corn) and went to church, where Will preached and again the Holy Spirit filled the church; several more people came forward. God is so good. Tomorrow will be much like today but we will be taking some food over to Daniel’s (Voodoo Priest) village and hopefully setting up a time we can talk to him about the Gospel on Thursday. We have had a Voodoo priest come each night at church. That is a first. Please continue to pray for these Voodoo priests. When they accept Christ this whole valley will be turning to Christianity. Halleluiah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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March 26, 2008
March 24, 2008