Let’s Do Missions Together!

It’s seems like forever since we have been able to go and do missions together. Covid and Civil unrest in Haiti have kept most of us home. But the time has come that we can go and share the Gospel again! Haiti is still a hot bed of crime and civil unrest. And we feel God calling us to go east to Haiti’s near-by neighbor-the Dominican Republic.

Last month we visited a small mountain village called Polo. This region is a rain-forest area known for growing some of the finest coffee in the world. We met with the locals and they also have a heart for missions. They are willing to work along beside us and mission with the displaced Haitian refugees who have come across the border. There are plenty of opportunities for your Church and Mission teams.

We would love to host your Mission Team in the coming months. Here are some of the opportunities that we have found so far:

  • VBS/Evangelism in the Haitian communities
  • Wellness/Medical Mission/Basic Hygiene/Dentistry
  • Construction projects – a Church in Town has out grown it’s space and needs to be rebuilt to accommodate it congregation. Many homes and huts need roof repair and wiring (yes, they have electricity most of the week)
  • Discipleship/Pastors Conference – an opportunity to teach the Pastors and congregation (Dominicans)
  • Prayer Walking/Visiting the Tin Shacks
  • Spiritual Retreat for your Team

Whatever God is calling your team to do – we would be glad to be your host. We have a secured a Villa that will comfortably hold a team of 12 to 14 participants. We are estimating the trip will cost around $1,500 depending on airfare. We fly into Santino Domingo (SDQ) and will pick your crew up at the airport. The trip out to Polo is around 4 hours depending on traffic in the city. We will stop and pickup groceries and supplies along the way. And we will have several bathroom stops as needed.

Everyone asks about the food. We have a wonderful cook, her name is Johnnie, who will prepare for us an authentic Dominican meal every night. For breakfast we will have cereal and poptarts. And for lunch we will pack sandwiches and chips to eat on the go. About the accommodations, we will stay in a modern villa with running water, electricity and internet. The beds are comfortable in the four bedrooms with three bathrooms. The villa is located up a tiny mountain just minutes from town. We would love to help you plan your next Mission Trip to Polo! Give me a call or email to get started!


(843) 908-2101

P.S. We know that some are called to Go and some are called to Give. If you would like to support our teams going – you can send a gift by credit card or mail a check. Just put on your check “Polo Missions”. We will put it to good use by helping other people in need!

Our mailing address is:
Truth Evangelistic Ministry, Inc.
P.O. 351
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32549

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