Heading Back to Port

We left the Truelove’s at 7 AM to catch our 9 AM flight out of Mole St. Nichol to Port-au-Prince. We arrived in Port about 10:30 AM and drove up into the mountains to Peytonville, where the Baptist Mission is located. We returned to the CSI House, where we were staying, and had dinner. We packed our stuff and made ourselves ready to take our flight back to the States on Tuesday.

It has been a great trip. God has truly blessed us. I’m so excited about how the Lord has opened some more doors for us to go through, especially when those doors involve other ministries and other Christian brothers and sisters. When we all work together, awesome things happen, and I truly believe it makes our Lord smile.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support!

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August 21, 2007
July 15, 2007