The Lord’s Day – Worship in Nansantrain & Feeding Orphans

As usual we got up early since the sun rises about 5:30 AM and the roosters seemed to crow all night. We had a relaxing morning with God’s Word and a cup of coffee. We had a visitor this morning, a Haitian man named Emile, that I had sent for. He cares for about 30 children at Premire Pass (see photo at right). He has been able to place them in homes but it is very difficult for the families to feed these extra children because of a drought and the lack of food. We have been able to help them many times before but that is only when I’m in country. Unfortunately there is no other ministry that helps them out. We purchased 3 bags of rice ($38.50 each), a case of oil ($34.28 for 6 gallons) and 1 bag of beans ($67.14). We also gave George Truelove $40.00 to buy a goat for them.

I’m praying that the Lord will provide a way for us to be able to send monthly support to them for food. We help other groups that we support by sending money to George, who purchases food for them. Once he has purchased the food the groups come and pick it up; this way we know they actually get the food. Emile’s group needs about $400.00 a month, especially when there are no crops. This would also allow them to buy some vegetables. If you, your Sunday School Class or your Church would like to help these children, please let us know.

Later we worshipped at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Nansantrain. For us, it was kind of warm since there were about 250 people in a room with a tin roof. This did not stop them, though, from praising the Lord.

Afterwards we had lunch with all of George and Carol Ann’s children at their Guest House. They care for somewhere around 20 children. Carol Ann outdid herself. We had barbeque ribs from a pig they had butchered (naturally it was fresh), fresh homemade bread, corn and, to top it off, a chocolate pie and a lemon pie. Yes, we were full!

The rest of the day we rested in the Lord. It was a very special day.

July 16, 2007
July 14, 2007