Today we got up early and had some cowboy coffee, if you know what that is . . . coffee grounds boiled in water and then let the grinds settle. Not bad, and definitely better than nothing. We had a busy day. We started out by exchanging money, then we went and bought parts for the truck, checked the truck out for some parts we needed, and went by to find out the price of tires for Gabriel ($350.00 each). Afterwards we ate lunch and went grocery shopping for Global Compassion. We bought over $1200.00 worth of groceries. It took a while but there were four of us so it went much faster than we thought it would. We got in about 7 p.m. and Josh cooked us dinner.

We have another busy day tomorrow. We will be taking Global Compassion Ministry’s groceries out to a ministry called Global Outreach Ministries. David and Judy Heady are the founders of this ministry and have been in Haiti for over 20 years. Then we will be going to Z’OrangĂ© to visit with Pastor Dorleon and discuss the March Pastor’s Conference/ Discipleship Training, the foundation for Jerusalem Two Church and a youth group that we will be bringing in. God has some wonderful plans for us. It is so exciting doing His work. He is so, so good to us.


January 5, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti
January 3, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti