Today was another day of running around Port for a while picking up some more supplies for Global Compassion and then going out to Global Outreach to store the supplies. We were able to get everything that was needed, which is a miracle in itself. After this we went up to Z’OrangĂ© to see Pastor Dorleon to talk to him about the upcoming Pastor’s Conference. Unfortunately, after a three-hour drive up in the mountains, he was not there. Just a little bit of miscommunication, which happens often here in Haiti. We did get to talk with a few people, and we have set up another appointment with him on Tuesday. We got back in early today, around 5 p.m. Josh cooked us some cheeseburgers and french fries. It was delicious, especially since we had not eaten all day. We are able to check our emails here so that is what we are doing tonight. Tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to rest in the Lord.

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January 7, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti
January 4, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti