Report from Angie
Windiest day on record for Israel. Dan Seret (& his 2 children, Yael 7 yrs old & Ethan 4 yrs old) was our guide today at the Dead Sea sights. At 5 am Tom, Karl, Jeff, John & Megan rose to begin their hike up Masada on the snake trail. About an hour later they reached the top to watch the new day dawn over the Mts of Jordan & Dead Sea. Dan, Yael, Ethan, Angie, Shirley and Chuck arrived later and rode the tram to the top and toured the once magnificent (still pretty impressive) Herod the Great’s fortress – where the Zealots (Jewish rebels) were trapped & chose to end their lives before being captured by the Romans. Then we headed to En Gedi to see the oasis in the middle of the desert where David hid & found refuge from King Saul. A hike up the banks of a beautiful stream and several levels of waterfalls brought us to a freshwater pool. We reflected on David and his experiences there in Psalm 142 & 1 Samuel 24. Back down to the actual shore of the Dead Sea to check out the water rich in minerals and salt. Only pictures and hand washing – too cold to jump in although we did see one man get in. Then it was back to the Baptist Village for some R & R. Back on the road again tomorrow north to the Sea of Galilee area.

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January 30, 2008
January 28, 2008