Today was the first day the pastors didn’t have sessions all day, but their day was still busy. It is amazing what this small team has accomplished in one short week. Not only did we have a Pastors’ Conference, but we also went into two voodoo villages and shared the Gospel, and we had a revival Sunday through Thursday nights. Nate and Brittany played with the kids every day. You could not open the front door without a dozen of them standing out there waiting for them to come outside. When we were at Daniel’s voodoo village, Nate told his dad, Will, that he felt sorry for the children there. Naturally, Will thought it was because they were so poor, but Nate said he felt sorry for them because they didn’t know Jesus. How amazing is that–for an eight-year-old to know what is really important!

Since the team has been here, they have painted my quarters and both bathrooms, hung door trim, stained all trim and four doors, laid tile in two bathrooms, mounted two ceiling fans, and put in lighting in one of the bathrooms. I’m sure I forgot something; they were always doing something.

It has been a great trip; I always enjoy watching the true church working together for His Glory–no distractions, just getting up every day eager to do His will.

Haiti Update March 26, 2011
Haiti Update March 24, 2011