Respectfully submitted by Betty Summer

Wow, what a week! This has been a vacation from my routine when I come to Z’Orange–no medical team. I have been blessed to spend the week with my son and my grandchildren–how many people get to come to Haiti on vacation with their grandchildren?? Brittany has been here several times (she is 17 yrs old); she would rather be here than on spring break at Disney World. Nathan is 8 yrs old, and he has had a wonderful time playing with the children. He has easily made friends with several of the little boys–this will be one spring break he will never forget!!!

I am always blessed by the people here–the happiness, the stamina, the interest in learning more about the Lord. This visit, I was honored to speak at two of the voodoo villages. Tuesday we went over to Daniel’s village, where I spoke with the women. Daniel is truly blinded to how the Lord is moving in his village; he may never accept the Lord, but his people are hearing the word. Today I was blessed to be able to share at Oceanye’s village. I had planned for the women again, but few women came, so I talked to the children about Jonah and how God wants us to listen to Him and do what He asks. They sang songs with Ginette and Simon, and I was more blessed maybe than they were, but what a pleasure to share God’s word!! Oceanye is the voodoo priest who claims Christianity but still practices voodoo; he tries to explain that this is how he makes his living–sound familiar? Sometimes we all make excuses for not following what God wants us to do (hope he doesn’t get swallowed by a BIG fish–Ha!Ha!)

I really do feel like a tourist this trip. Bro Chuck picked us up in the new SUV (even smells like a new vehicle), and we are staying in the new mission house–we have flushing toilets!!!! OK, the showers are still cold, but we are in a new facility with ceiling fans and A/C units in the walls. We were able to buy Ginnette a new gas stove, and she baked banana bread for our dinner tonight!! This is definitely different from when I came my first trip 5 years ago. This ministry has been faithful in following God’s leading into unchartered waters, and HE IS BLESSING us daily!

Praise His Holy Name! This is truly the Day the Lord has made–let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!! I have been so blessed to be a part of this ministry over the last 5 years, and I can hardly wait for the next trip!

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