This morning after breakfast, Pastor Philip started off the Pastors’ Conference, while Betty, Will, Nate, Brittany and I went to Daniel’s village. The Lord had put it on Betty’s heart to have a Bible study with the young women and ladies there. Yesterday, I asked Daniel if he thought it would be okay, and he agreed. There were twelve ladies there, and the Bible study began. This is what I really enjoy the most about TEM– that when we come to Haiti, we have an overall plan, but I want people to come here and listen to God’s plan for them, and then allow Him to make it happen. If we had had a strict schedule, this could not have been done. This is the first time Betty has been to Daniel’s without a medical team. She had a great time sharing about our Lord.

When we came back, I was pleasantly surprised–Pastor Sean had painted my bedroom. Pastor Ken had sorted all our trunks into categories, and Lane had begun working on the trim around the doors. Everyone was busy.

After lunch, Will, Pastor Philip and Simon took Gabriel to pick up some wood for Daniel to take down to Tetayan. I gave them some money to buy diesel at a little village called Cabera, but there was none to be found. I hope we find some tomorrow when I go into Port.

While Will and Pastor Philip were gone, I began painting my office. I got about halfway through and remembered I had promised Oceanye (converted voodoo priest) that I would come to see him and his family. He has asked me about half a dozen times in the last six months, and I just haven’t had time. It seems when I am here I am so busy, but today I was going to go. It’s about a 20-minute walk. Betty went with me, but first we stopped off to see one of my favorite people, Slyvest (another converted voodoo priest). I wanted to see how he was doing; he was doing okay, but had swollen ankles. Betty gave him some medicine, and we continued our journey to Oceanye. When we arrived, he was so happy to see us! He immediately got us some chairs so we could sit on the front porch and talk. We asked him if Betty could come up and have a Bible study there, and he said that would be fine, so Betty will have another Bible study tomorrow there in the second voodoo village.

By the time we got back, Will and Pastor Philip had arrived, and we had dinner. After dinner, Pastor Philip preached. It is amazing how late the preaching is here. The singing starts about 7:00 p.m., and the sermon starts about 8:45-9:00 p.m. After church, it didn’t take long for us to turn the generator off and get some sleep. I’m the only one up now, doing my entries.

Tomorrow could be an exciting day for us and Ginette. One of the members of the team donated some money for a propane stove. We are praying that we have enough, and that we can find one. Pastor Philip and I are going in for some supplies tomorrow, and we hope to find a stove and someone to deliver it to us. Ginette went to culinary school, so we will be in for a real treat when she gets an oven. We are already talking about fresh bread, cakes, pies, biscuits, and all those other goodies that she can cook for us.

Every team that comes with TEM is absolutely awesome! Everyone pitches in and helps one another. As I have said before, this is the way a church should be–everybody working in harmony. After all, we are the church. I am so blessed to be surrounded with people who just want to please the Lord!

Haiti Update March 23, 2011
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