Monday morning started out with our regular breakfast, then preparations for the Pastors’ Conference. We needed to set up a chalkboard and get all our tablets, pens, and literature up to the church. We started about 8:00 a.m., and there were about 30 people. A few more came in as the day went on. We have been fortunate in previous years that their spring break has been the same time as ours. This year they changed it, so a lot of pastors could not make it because they teach school. We will try our best to make sure next year that we align the conference with their spring break. It is still a good turnout. We never know how many pastors will come, since there is no registration. We always know that whoever is here, God called them to be here, including the Americans. We know it is not about the numbers, it about those who are called for this time.

I started off by thanking the pastors for coming, and explaining to them how important their calling is. I explained how we are the examples of Christ and, yes, we will fail, but we need to be able to admit our failures and ask for forgiveness, not only to God but to other people. When I finished, Pastor Ken took over for the first session, and then Pastor Philip concluded the morning. After lunch, Lane and Pastor Sean had the afternoon sessions. They finished about 3:00 p.m.

While the Pastors’ Conference was going on, Brittany, Betty, and Nate constructed crafts for the kids–they love it when Americans bring them something to do. You will see the necklaces and things they created.

Will and I worked on the water system. We have had to move all of the cut-off valves higher, because the children can’t help but play with them. They actually beat one with a rock, for some strange reason, and broke it (kids?). When we finished that, we constructed a little hanging rake for my clothes in my room, and Will made shelves for the showers to put our soap and shampoo on. There are so many projects, large and small, to be done here–there is always something to do if we have the material to do it with.

Pastor Philip mounted a ceiling fan and light in the ladies’ room, which was a priority on my list. As the summertime comes, we will need these fans, and we always need the light at night.

Pastor Ken preached tonight a powerful message from Job, that it doesn’t matter what we are going through, it will make us stronger and, through it all, our Redeemer lives. I personally like the verse that says, though He slay me I will put my trust in Him. Sometimes it is so hard for us to remember the bigger picture, and that our Redeemer lives, and one day we will live with Him–what a day that will be!

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