This is the first time a team has come in and woken up in Z’Orange on Sunday morning. We usually spend the night at Dottie’s and drive up on Sunday after lunch. Saturday night here was really cold–I’m not talking about cool, I mean cold. I had some blankets from Samaritan’s Purse, thank goodness, so they were really helpful. There are only a few times a year that you actually get cold here; it really is hard to believe after you have been here in the summertime.

We woke up to our usual breakfast of pop tarts, cereal, and oatmeal, and afterward Pastor Philip gave the devotion. We then attended a short church service, because most of the adults were in Port-au-Prince voting. The election was on Sunday. We are praying that it will be a peaceful election.

After church, we had a delicious meal that Madame Do prepared for the team. It was fried chicken legs, plantain, vegetable salad, rice, and red sauce–a typical Haitian meal.

After lunch, Will had to take Gabriel into Port to pick up some people from Pastor Harry’s church, and I had to go in to pick up Pastor Ken. Our problem with Gabriel was that we didn’t have enough diesel, so I gave Will some money to try to find some. All the gas stations were closed because of the election. As we figured, Will ran short on gas and he finally had to stop Gabriel on the side of the road so he would not run out. Simon got out and started looking for diesel. In Haiti you can find people who sell it on the side of the road in gallon jugs. Praise God Simon found some, so they made it back about 5:30 that evening. Nate wanted to ride in the back, but we couldn’t let him ride back there by himself so, being a good big sister, Brittany rode in the back with him. You can see the pictures of them returning, riding up in the front with Dad (Will).

After I picked up Pastor Ken, we went to Dottie’s for me to send in the photos and report. I have an air card here, but it didn’t work, for some strange reason. The air card makes it possible for me to send reports and photos from the top of the mountain, without having to drive all the way into town. This will make the third time I have had to take my computer back into Petionville to get it working with the air card. Well, I say I, but I send Simon on a motorcycle, because the traffic is so bad. Somehow, they reset my computer and then it works.

Will and I returned about the same time, just in time for dinner. After dinner I preached about love and forgiveness; it has really been on my heart to preach on forgiveness. It seems here, as everywhere, people just will not forgive other people. Pastors, deacons, and the congregation have so many problems with one another. Someone says something about someone else–now they don’t talk to each other. It is all about them, and not about our Lord. Jesus showed us a perfect example of forgiveness when He said, forgive them for they know not what they do. I’m convinced we can’t truly love until we can forgive, and that is only possible with Him (the Holy Spirit) allowing us to forgive. It is not humanly possible, because we carry that hate and resentment. The congregation listened intently, so I just pray the Holy Spirit penetrated their hearts.

After church, we came back down to the mission house for a little snack and bedtime.

God blessed us this day!

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