Today Simon and I got up and began getting ready for the team that was coming in. We cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas in the mission house. Then we filled up the cistern so we would have plenty of water for the week; our cistern holds 300 gallons. We now have three bathrooms that have working toilets, sinks and showers.

We finished about 11 a.m. and headed for Port au Prince. We had to cash a check downtown, and then go buy groceries for the team. George Truelove (missionary in Haiti) was to meet us at the airport and help carry up the luggage from the team. George will be working with us this week to put ceiling fans in the school. If we finish with the school, we have two ceiling fans that we will put in the mission house, then we will be finished with all the ceiling fans in the mission house.

We met George at the airport and picked up Joe Hutchison, Bill Chambless (from Ft. Walton Beach, FL) and Dominique Schwentker (from Kansas City). As usual, the plane was late, and we had a little problem with the luggage handlers–they don’t handle your luggage, but walk alongside you and ask for money for helping you. They were disappointed when they received nothing for doing nothing. Their intimidation tactics didn’t work this time.

After getting the luggage and the team, we went up to the mission house; it’s about an hour drive. We arrived just about the time it was getting dark, so we cranked up the generator to give us some light, and Ginette fixed us a nice supper. After a little conversation, we all crashed for the night.

Haiti Update July 3, 2011
Haiti Update April 30, 2011