This morning we got up about 4 a.m. and started getting ready to load the trucks. We had a cup of coffee, and some had hot oatmeal. We drove down to the airport in the van, the new Ford, and Gabriel (for the trunks), and made it in about an hour, which was great. You will see the photos of the team getting their luggage ready to go into the airport. Will, Simon and I had to drive back up to Z’Orange to drop off Gabriel, and then Will came back to the airport to drop me off. Will will be staying at Dottie’s for the night and catching a flight out tomorrow. I don’t know what I would have done without him. It seems the Lord always provides the people we need to get the job done in His Ministry (TEM).

In just a short week the medical team saw over 800 patients and the VBS team saw over a 1000 children in VBS. Again God’s children were able to show the love of Christ to the Haitian people. We thank God for the opportunity that He gave us and for His precious hand of safety upon us.

Thank you for your prayers; hopefully, by the time you read this the team will be home.

Haiti Update July 2, 2011
Haiti Update April 29, 2011