This morning I had to go down to a little town called Cabaret, which is about 30 minutes from Z’Orange, to pick up some cement, rebar and other materials for the Haitian bosses. This was the first time I had really gone into this small town–I usually just go through it. I found everything I needed at one supply store, which was amazing, and got back to Z’Orange by 11:00. I had started helping Karl when I realized that Gabriel had a flat tire. Blanco took it off, and we had to go back down the mountain to get it fixed.

While I was running around as usual, the rest of the guys were working hard. Karl had installed the sinks, commodes and showers, as you will see in the photos. We now have three completed bathrooms with flushing toilets. Of course, the bathrooms need paint, towel racks, shower curtains, shower rods, rugs, soap dishes, and all that other stuff that I never really thought of, because our houses at home come with all these things. Bruce and Thomas worked on the electrical, and installed four ceiling fans with lights. Bill stayed with the plumbing, but got tired of waiting for a ladder, so he decided to make his own, as you will see–he should go into the ladder-making business. This ladder will probably be here longer than the mission house. Chuck and Joe have mastered hanging doors now. They framed in my door and a bathroom door, and fixed the front door, which was too tight. Ralphy not only cooks for us and cleans up, but helps everybody else when they need it. Everyone works from the time we finish breakfast until about six in the evening, with only about a thirty-minute break for lunch. I am already amazed at what the Lord has had us achieve.

Haiti Update February 25, 2011
Haiti Update February 23, 2011