We started off with an inspiring devotion by Karl, beginning in Kings and ending up in Romans. Talking about Elijah and how he was so bold in the Lord, and then he ended up hiding in a cave–how that can compare to our lives.

After the devotion, we had our breakfast and began work. Karl put in the vent stack for the three bathrooms, worked on Gabriel and numerous other things, while Bruce and Thomas ran the wire and installed another ceiling fan. Ralphy cleaned up after breakfast and started his inventory of the groceries we have here. Chuck and Joe built a shelf for one of the bathrooms, and Bill and I put together a generator and installed a latch on the back door. These are just a few things we did before lunch.

After lunch, Simon and I took Thomas, Ralphy and Chuck to Jerusalem IV, Daniel’s village, and to see Sylvest (converted voodoo priest). The Lord provided the money for us to purchase the land for Jerusalem IV last year, and now we are praying for when the Lord wants to provide money so they can build Him a church. We don’t build churches; we provide the materials and let the Haitian congregation build their own church. This way, it is their church built by them, not by Americans, and they have ownership.

Daniel was really glad to see us. He had come up to visit me twice yesterday; he had missed me the first time. He is the third voodoo priest who has come up to see me just to say hi and see how I and my family are. They all wanted to know if I would have time to come by and see them. We have come a long way from the first time we came here, and they beat voodoo drums all night to keep us up. They did not want us here then.

We all laid hands on Daniel and I prayed that one day he would listen to the Spirit of Truth and accept Christ. After the prayer, he said he wished he could do something for me; I told him the best thing he could do for me was to accept Jesus Christ. He reminded me that it took me a long time before I did. He said he remembered the first time we met, and my testimony. I told him I pray it doesn’t take him that long. I believe in my heart that he will accept Christ one day. Please pray for him.

I love to visit Sylvest–he is always full of joy. He has been full of joy ever since he accepted Christ a little over a year ago.

When we finished our visiting, we returned back to the mission house to see that the team had cleaned everything up, and they were finishing up small projects that needed to be done before we leave.

It has been a fantastic week with Christian brothers who are truly doers of the Word. It is amazing what the Lord has had us accomplish, but the fellowship was the best part!

Update from India, March 13, 2011
Haiti Update February 24, 2011