We woke up today with the sun coming up, ready to begin our day. Ralphy started it out with the devotion, and afterward we had breakfast. It was a very simple breakfast with cereal, pop tarts and some milk and, naturally, coffee.

When we had finished breakfast, we started work. Karl is our lead man, and he points us in the right direction. Bruce and George started enlarging the holes for the A/C units to fit into, while Chuck and Joe started running the sewage pipes from the bathrooms, while some of the Haitian men were digging the septic tank. Bill started running the PVC for the showers, while Raphly and I started pulling all the old kitchen trunks out and going through them.

I also had the Haitian bosses come in to finish the floors in the bathrooms. They were very rough, and we needed them to be leveled so one day we can lay tile. We are going to try to at least put some pieces down before we put the commodes and sinks in, so we won’t have to take them back out. I also had Blanco come up to put new brakeshoes and new brake calibers on Gabriel. We had a lot of things going on, to say the least.

When the day was finished, Ralph treated us to chicken fettuccine that he prepared, and it was delicious. Afterward, we were able to take our first shower since Saturday night. We have the cistern on top of the building and, temporarily, we have a 55-gallon drum on the ground with a pump in it that pumps the water up into the cistern. We had help from the Haitians to fill the 55-gallon drum up about 6 times, so we could fill the cistern. The water pressure is great, but I have to tell you that water out of the well was cold.

Tomorrow Simon, Thomas, and I will have to go into Port-au-Prince to buy more material. I’m just going to be praying that the van will take us there and get us back. I will also be going by the Ford place to see if we will be able to get the Ford Everest in March. What a blessing it would be to pick up the March team in TEM’s new vehicle!

The Lord truly blessed us today with wonderful fellowship and many accomplishments, all to His glory.

Haiti Update February 23, 2011
Haiti Update February 20, 2011