We got up this morning and had breakfast, then we had a great devotion headed by Karl. As you will see by the pictures, it was a beautiful day and what a great way to start it out sharing the Word of the Lord with brothers.

When we finished, we all tackled the van. We had some men cleaning terminals, some replacing the coil, and some replacing the ignition module. Bruce was the tool man with all the tools laid out to hand to us as we needed them. After all of this, the van is still in the same shape as it was before we started. I don’t know what to replace next, except the van! Next month, God willing, we will have our Ford Everest. We are only $3000 short now. It was amazing today how the Lord got that van up the mountain one more time. We had to stop about three times, but we made it. God always takes us where he wants us in His timing.

Karl and George went by to get Gabriel (military truck,) and George drove his truck up the mountain behind me. When we arrived, we were met by the Haitian kids, and then came Pastor Dorleon and Pastor John Renel. We unloaded all our trunks and set up our cots while Madame Dorleon was preparing our late lunch. We ate about three o’clock and it was delicious–she really went all out. We had the Haitian meal–beans & rice with red sauce, fried bananas, pickles (hot slaw), fresh bananas, fried chicken legs, and French fries. We had brought cokes with us, so we had cokes on ice to wash it all down. After this most of us wanted to take a nap, but we had things to do.

Karl gathered all of us together and went over the general plan of the electric and plumbing that needed to be done. Thomas is an electrician, so he will be a big help with this. Bill got started on the new generator putting it together, Ralphy started putting together his kitchen (he will be cooking for us), Joe and I started looking at the plumbing, Bruce, George and Chuck started working on getting the A/C units in, among many other things. We all got busy.

It amazes me still to see what the Lord is doing here. This is a vision He showed me many years ago, and it is still hard to believe that it is coming to reality. I thank God for the men He has called here to do His work, and for all of you who have made this possible. Thank you for being obedient to our loving Father.

Haiti Update February 21, 2011
Haiti Update February 19, 2011