Today when we got up, I put on some coffee while Blanco and Simon bled the brakes on Gabriel. Praise the Lord, they got that done without a problem, and then we started Gabriel up and let it run for a while. When we finished our coffee, we loaded up the Ford with all the empty 5-gallon water bottles and propane tanks, and went into town to pick up the van; we had called the mechanic late yesterday afternoon, and he said he had it fixed. We went into PAP and picked it up, and then went to the airport to pick up Will Tiller. Thank God for my brother Will, who came to help me with the team. He will be driving Gabriel to carry luggage and some of the team. The Lord has so blessed me with brothers and sisters who are there when I need them.

After picking Will up, I sent Simon to buy water and propane while we went to pick up Rhonda Ledbetter. Rhonda and her husband Danny have a very well known gospel group and are touring in California now. The Lord has put Haiti on Rhonda’s heart, and she broke away in between their engagements for a couple of days to come here.

Rhonda has been coming to Haiti for about four years. Last year, she sat next to Will Tiller on a flight out of Haiti, and Will gave her one of my cards. She called me last month and wanted to meet in Haiti just to see what we are doing. We picked her up with a friend, Yvonne, and two teenage Haitian girls that you could tell were Rhonda’s girls. We took them to Z’Orange and showed them the mission house, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Z’Orange school, and Jerusalem IV church, and then we took them to Daniel’s voodoo village. We had a great time sharing how awesome our God is. It is such a joy to meet someone who has the same passion for the Lord as you do. We took them back to their place about 2 p.m., and then we went grocery shopping, which is always a treat. This took well over an hour–most of that time was spent waiting at checkout.

When we finished grocery shopping, we headed back to Z’Orange, had a turkey sandwich and some Pringles, and then Will went to bed about 7 p.m.–he only had a few hours’ sleep last night.

We have a big day tomorrow cleaning house and getting the rest of the supplies for the team that is coming. Pastor Lonnie Wesley III, of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church of Pensacola, and his team will be arriving Saturday. We also have team members coming from San Diego, Memphis, Chicago and St. Louis. It’s going to be an exciting time with the Lord in Z’Orange. Please be praying for us.

Haiti Update April 22, 2011
Haiti Update April 20, 2011