Friday was a busy day getting the mission house cleaned up, going to get gasoline for the generators, and filling up the vehicles with diesel. The first service station we went to in Cabera was closed because of Good Friday, so we went to the next one and it was also closed. They wanted to sell us some diesel from the side of the road in gallon containers at an outrageous price, so I decided we needed to head to Port-au-Price, which was in the opposite direction. So, getting fuel, which should have taken about an hour and a half, took about four hours–just another day in Haiti. Thank the Lord, we did find a service station open near Port.

When we got back, Brother Will suggested that we go back to Port to buy the rest of the groceries that we needed, so I agreed. We drove all the way into Port to find out all stores were closed. We should have known, because there were very few people on the road.

We made it back about 6 pm, ate some dinner, and by this time it was time to go to bed. We usually are in bed by 9 pm, but we all went to bed early.

Haiti Update April 23, 2011
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