Today’s entry will be a short one. The Internet and phone service were down here for over 3 hours. I was just about to go to bed and the service came up, so now I’m downloading photos and information past my bedtime, which gets earlier as I get older.

This morning after breakfast John, Bill, Simon and Ginette went up to the church to open up the dental clinic. In 2 and a half days they saw 82 patients, did 2 cleanings, and extracted 196 teeth. I think the patients all had insurance – we’ll find out when we send the bills out.

Today was the first day of school, and the children lined up outside of the school. Some of the little ones had tears in their eyes as this was the first day of school for them ever. They all faced the flag and said a pledge, then marched into their classrooms. They even said a prayer, imagine that. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

Karl and Skip started running wire to my bedroom for an electrical outlet; they also ran wire for 2 lights over the sinks in the men’s bathroom and the ladies’. We have 5 bathrooms, and these were the only 2 that did not have electric lights. Joe and Pat started building benches and shelves for the 2 bathrooms. They finished seats for both men and women’s bathrooms, and a set of shelves. This is going to make it much more comfortable to change clothes and have a place to lay personal items.

After the dental clinic I took Bill, John and Skip up to Jerusalem IV to show them where we believe the Lord is going to build a church in the near future. When we left there I took them to see Daniel’s village and meet him. John leaves tomorrow and I wanted him to see more than just the mission house and the church. Daniel was excited to see us, as always. I believe he had had a little nip of rum before we got there, so he was in the spirit, if you know what I mean. We prayed for him and the village and said our goodbyes. When we got back to the mission house Ginette had our dinner ready – fried chicken, beans and rice, red sauce, and some cookies for dessert.

Tomorrow we will take John to the airport, and Karl, Skip, Simon and I will buy some supplies to finish the projects here in the mission house, in the church, and at Pastor Do’s house.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Haiti September 19, 2012
Haiti September 16, 2012