This morning was a beautiful Sunday morning here in Z’Orange. I got up and had my first cup of coffee, then I got a phone call from my good friend, George Truelove. George and Carol Ann were on their way home from their trip to the States. Bill Chambless had brought George a Leatherman that he needed, so Karl, George, Skip and I drove down the mountain to meet them so they wouldn’t have to come all the way up to the mission house. They just got their new Ford Ranger on Friday, and they had it loaded down; their other Ford was also loaded down. They had their whole family headed up to their home at Nansantrain. The Lord blessed them by touching the hearts of Christian brothers and sisters to provide the funds for the truck. A good vehicle is a must in this tough country.

Ginette had our breakfast ready when we got back to the mission house; afterward Karl led us in a Sunday school lesson from 2 Peter. This is one of most enjoyable times of a trip, when we have fellowship and study His Word. When we finished we headed up to the church. Church was over around 12 and it was time to eat again.

When we finished lunch, some of us took a short nap, while Karl and Skip measured off the school to start getting an estimate of what it would cost to raise the roof and put new trusses and tin on it. We want to also increase the pitch. A rough estimate will be around $15,000 to make the school a comfortable place for the children to learn. It really is exciting to design the plans for something you know you don’t have the money for, but you know that you know that God is going to provide what you need. You don’t know how or when, but you know your God is faithful. As I have said before, the heat is unbearable and the raised roof with ceiling fans will alleviate that problem. I bought 4 large tarps and some 2×4’s for Pastor Do to make outdoor classes starting tomorrow.

Around 2 p.m., John, Bill, Simon and Ginette began the dental clinic again. John leaves on Tuesday, and he is seeing as many patients as he can. Today they saw 23 patients and extracted 76 teeth despite a heavy rain on the tin roof that made it almost impossible to hear, lighting and thunder and the generator breaking down. They had a couple of laughs at the expense of one of their good friends (WBM) in Montgomery, AL. Don’t know what that was all about, but it must have been pretty funny. They finished up around 6 p.m.; it was still raining.

Tomorrow is the first day of school, so it will be pretty hectic here. Please be praying for us all as we will have over 300 kids running around. I will be registering the ones who didn’t register last month, taking their pictures and getting their information. It will be a busy day for us all.

Haiti September 17, 2012
Haiti September 15, 2012