Report by Beth

The theme of the day has been “Organization.” With the new overhead storage areas finished and the bedroom shelving installed, the guys went through every box and bin upstairs to sort out what’s there and make everything easier to get to. I’m sure the next team to come here will be amazed.

A few things I’ve learned this week:

– There is no “th” sound in Creole. So when I tell someone my name is Beth, they hear “Bet,” and either look confused or laugh. As it turns out, “Bet” means “bug.” Apparently, word got out that one of the Americans is named “Bug,” so the kids run up and say, “Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet!” and when I say “Wi?” they laugh like crazy.

–  Haitian cooking is great. I’ve been blessed to help Ginette in the kitchen for many of our meals, watching over her shoulder and asking a million questions. Thankfully, in addition to being a wonderful cook, Ginette is also very patient.

– Haitian mud is incredibly sticky. On Tuesday, Linda, Lisa, and I took a walk, accompanied by a pack of little boys/hiking guides, up to visit the home of the child that Linda is sponsoring here at the school. It was a beautiful little hike up the road, but the rains the day before had turned the trail into a super sticky, slimy mud pit. We were all very proud to return to the mission house without having wiped out or lost a shoe to the mud.

– It is an incredibly beautiful and humbling experience to hear a group of Haitian orphans singing, “Let the weak say they are strong, let the poor say they are rich, let the blind say I can see what the Lord has done for me.” On Wednesday, Linda and I went with Chuck G to take water to and visit with a group of orphans who live up the mountain from the mission house. We wandered up right as they were having a praise and worship service at the church beside the tents where the kids are living. These kids have nothing, and they sing with such joy, song after song, knowing every word, all about having peace and trusting God. One incredible experience of many this week.

My first week in Haiti has gone by very quickly – I say first because even though we’re heading out tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be back. The fellowship of the group has been so wonderful, it’s been a joy just spending time with everyone. I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity and look forward to returning.

Haiti September 14, 2013
Haiti September 13, 2013