Report by Clint Downing

October 27:  Today began with a nice cool morning after an evening of rain. After breakfast we began to set up the church for 2014-2015 school pictures of classes, students, and teachers. It was exciting to see the school in session again. As always, the children began in lines with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Haitian flag and prayer. How blessed they are to be able to begin their day in that manner. Today was their first testing day of the year. While we are still reconciling the roster, it appears there will be around 400 students again this year. It is a blessing to see these kids grow. There seems to be one special kid that touches your heart each visit. Today that kid was a new kindergarten student named Jhonsley. Jhonsley is an orphan living in the village. He appeared a little shy with all the detail and activity around him. I believe kids like Jhonsley touched the heart of Jesus while He was on earth. He has much to say about children in the Word. Jhonsley received a sponsor today, PTL.

This afternoon we went down the road to a church and orphanage close to Jerusalem. I counted 16 kids there. They ranged from kindergarten age to middle or high school age. We sat in a circle with the kids and adults at the orphanage, not much conversation other than smiles and laughter. They sang a few songs in English for us. There was a very talented young man who played the guitar. Miranda Gates was a big hit with the young and older kids after teaching them “Double, Double.” She shared with them the bracelets she had made for the students at Jerusalem. You come to Haiti thinking you are here to bless others, and you are. However, our Great God always seems to bless us for our works, maybe more than those we bless. The smiles on the faces of the children and adults were priceless. Hugs and smiles are universal, no words necessary.

We look forward to finishing the pictures tomorrow and spending our last day having some fun with the kids. Please pray for this school year at College Evangelique Baptiste Jerusalem Des’Orangers, Truth Ministry, and all those in and around the village here. God has blessed their crops this year with rain, as we are receiving another nice rain tonight to cool things down.

Haiti October 29, 2014
Haiti October 27, 2014