Report by Roberta Lohf

The mission is love. The place is Haiti. The heart is the relationship with the people. To come alongside each other in unity as one body of believers, one church, one heart for God and one another.

What a pleasure to come to Z’Orange and see the school full of children from pre-kindergarten through high school attending classes. These small dark classrooms are bursting at the seams with children sitting shoulder to shoulder on benches. The conditions of low light, cramped seating, warm temperatures and only one’s own lap to write on doesn’t seem to squelch their eagerness to learn. The teachers teach with passion, love of God, and a heart for the students. It is amazing to see it all come together after being here during the summer and working with the teachers.

The children are children, in the respect that they are just like the children in the United States. The land behind the school was purchased and cleared so a small soccer field with goals has been put in place. As you can imagine, they play hard and the soccer balls fall apart quickly. I was amazed to see the children of all ages running and kicking the soccer ball with gusto, and no shoes on their feet.

The past couple of days I’ve been working with the sponsored students getting their pictures taken and letters written. It brought so much joy to my heart to be able to give my family’s sponsored child a backpack full of supplies and personal hygiene items. It was my pleasure to give backpacks full of supplies to 5 other students that my family and friends sponsored. I wish I had something for every student because the need is great here.

We had another opportunity this morning to play with the children in the courtyard. I blew up balloons and played mock-volleyball and keep-away with them. In the afternoon we went up the mountain on foot and visited the orphanage that we spent time at when I was here back in June for the Teachers Conference. The same little boy about 2 years old sat on my lap again while we sang worship songs. He must have liked my rocking back and forth with the music – when I looked down he was asleep. While we were there handing out the beautiful handmade dresses and shorts that were brought over it started to rain. We left the orphanage to return to the mission house and it poured on us! Water flows down hill and I was amazed at how much rain fell in a short period of time and how it collected and flowed like a stream. The local children are so kind and care for us so much they helped us up the mountain and made sure they held our hands on the way down in the pouring rain. When we arrived back at the mission house we were all soaked to the bone and laughed about the adventure!

All in all, my heart is to see all of the students at this school sponsored. It is my hope and my prayer. Brother Chuck has told me that when there is a need, you share it with others and pray – God will work it out.

Our trip is coming to an end and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve and be blessed by the beautiful people who live in this community. It truly is all about relationships, and I am thankful Brother Chuck has laid that foundation here in this area.

Please agree with me in prayer that God will continue to bless and have favor over Truth Evangelistic Ministries, the Z’Orange community, the students, teachers, sponsors, and future sponsors. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless.

Haiti October 19, 2015
Haiti October 17 p.m., 2015