Report by Byron Mangum

Today was the last full day of our November 2012 Haiti mission trip. I believe we met our goal of 1000 patients seen in a 1-week period. With this being my first mission trip ever, I didn’t know what to expect or if it was even possible to see 1000 patients in a clinic over a 1-week period. We saw patients with all types of ailments, from backaches to badly infected wounds. There was nothing that the team wouldn’t try to treat. The Lord allowed us to bless a lot of lives in 1 week, and that is the most fulfilling part about this trip. This is the best Thanksgiving weekend ever, and it showed me the true meaning of being thankful. I must say that I am very impressed with what the Lord can do – this trip proves that you can do all things through Christ.

Haiti November 25, 2012
Haiti, Medical Update