During the medical clinic here in Z’Orange this week, Dr. Sanders and Dr. Martin have discovered two young boys who need surgery. I have taken both of them to the hospital in Port au Prince, and the doctor there has agreed to do surgery on both of these boys. As you read the note below from Dr. Martin, you will see the need. The older boy will lose his arm if we are not able to pay for his surgery, and the younger boy will walk with a limp the rest of his life and possibly have other difficulties, as well. The cost of surgery for the older boy will be $625, and for the younger $325. Please search your heart and see if the Lord will use you to help these young boys.


Note from Dr. Martin (American doctor on team):

We’ve seen two patients here with very serious bone conditions requiring surgery. One young man fell several years ago off a cliff and had a puncture wound of his left shoulder. It has had an infection in it for several years that has destroyed parts of the bone of his upper left arm. He needs surgery to remove the old destroyed bone and to clear up the infection. If he does not have it, he will lose his arm. The other patient was a young boy who broke his left femur (upper leg bone). The bone did not mend properly, and he needs surgery to help it heal properly.

Haiti November 23, 2012
Haiti November 22, 2012