Today we met with Pastor Julio and Sanders to purchase the books needed for the teachers at Jerusalem I school. Everything went really well; we were at the book store for over 2 hours, which is really good for Haiti. Of course, everything cost much more than we had expected, but these books will help the teachers prepare the students for the government exams–which should really increase the number of students who pass. Sandy and Vicki did a fantastic job looking over all the material that is in French to make sure we were purchasing the right books. We were about $500 short, so if anyone would like to help the school fund, please let me know .

If any teachers would like to join the 4th Teachers Conference on July 6-12, 2018, please let us know. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to help the Haitian teachers learn new techniques. The teachers are like sponges–they soak up everything you say and put it into practice.

November 23, 2017
Haiti November 20, 2017