Today Sandy Perez, Vicki Thornell, Simon and I went up to Z’Orange from Port-au-Prince. Sandy and Vicki went into all the classrooms to observe the teachers and students. The teachers at the school in Z’Orange have no college training–they are just high school graduates who have the desire to educate the children. Each year at our Teachers Conference, the teachers from America assist the Haitian teachers with teaching techniques. Sandy and Vicki could see the Haitian teachers using some of the skills they have taught them.

Tomorrow we will go to the book store to buy books for the teachers that will help them prepare the students for the government exams. These books are very expensive, and we want to thank Shalimar Baptist Church for their gift of over $1000 to help purchase them.

Also, I want to thank everyone who has sponsored a child in Z’Orange to get a Christian education. May the Lord bless you and your families.

Haiti November 21, 2017
Haiti November 3, 2017