I want to give thanks to our Lord, from whom all provisions flow; it never ceases to amaze me how He continually provides. And thank you all for your prayers and gifts; Gabriel is in working condition again. I still need to order a few minor parts for Gabriel – such as running lights and horn – but the main problem was the brakes, and all parts have been replaced. Thank you for being obedient to God’s direction. Hopefully, many more teams will be able to enjoy the ride up the mountain on Gabriel.

Report by Terrolyn Millsap

God has given us another beautiful day here in Haiti. We spent our morning having clinic at “Church of God.” Again, God flawlessly changed our plan into his own. We were blessed by being able to treat 134 patients. This morning’s clinic was unique, because we saw many more men and children than women. We believe this had a lot to do with Monday Market.

We had the opportunity to stop and explore the market. The crowds of people and the variety of the merchandise were overwhelming. The market offers everything from live chickens, turkeys and dried fish, to freshly picked bananas, avocados and many unidentifiable fruits and vegetables.

I believe I speak for our entire group when I say our stay here has been an amazing journey. We have seen God do many amazing things, and and He has touched each of our lives in some wonderful way. He has directed us each day and provided the wisdom and grace we needed to share His love, and He provided us with native Christians to interpret and bridge our communication gap. We will wake up in the morning prepared to leave this wonderful land. I know we will all thank our mighty God for this opportunity and blessing. Total patients seen = 1008.

Haiti Bargain-Bake Sale February 2016
Haiti November 1, 2015