Why Haiti? by Cal Griffin

I have people ask me all the time, “Why do you go to Haiti?” With a smile, I always answer, “That is where the Lord called me to go…Where has He called you?”

Haiti is a land full of darkness, and we are called to be the light and the hope in this land. This trip has been even more evidence of that. We visited with the wonderful families, pastors and teachers of Z’Orange. They all greeted us with great big smiles and hugs. They know that we love them with the love of the Lord, and that there is hope in Jesus when we continue to support their ministries.

We visited with Pastor Angelo at Jerusalem IV. He gave us the exciting news that his wife is having a baby in December, his first child. We asked him what is his greatest need, and he said he would love to have a roof on the new church building. We told him we will pray about it.

Also, we met with Pastor Do and Julio, and asked about the congregation and whether they have been affected by Covid. Pastor Do said everyone has been healthy. He was excited that the school is back in session, and that many kids are attending. He also mentioned that Madame Fanny, of Jerusalem II, has passed.

We toured the Sonflower Mission House. It is amazing how Biwel has landscaped and planted a beautiful garden on the lot. He truly is a master gardener; we are blessed to have him.

In Port, we finally met up with the Princess of the Mission, Ginette. She was all dressed up and beaming. She told us about her son Sam, who is about to graduate. She is ready to get back up to Z’Orange and feed the teams…she has missed us very much.

This trip was a blessing to start a new season of missions for TEM. We are so excited about what the new year will bring and the next time we can visit. God is calling us to disciple and to be encouragers to this small village.

Praise the Lord, for He is Good All the Time! Thank you to everyone who supports TEM with their gifts and prayers. We couldn’t do this ministry without you the sponsors. Thank you and much love! 

March 30, 2021
Haiti, November 14, 2020