Report from LeeAnn

Range Community Bible Church Emissaries to Haiti

This is our first full day in Haiti, and soon the sun will set, for it’s almost 5 p.m. Most of the team is sitting at the big table in the newly finished mission house which is “the most spoiled we’ve ever been” according to Kat, our seasoned nurse, who is instructing and helping us to organize the medical team.

Our trip here went without a hitch. God seemed to wipe the sleep away from our eyes, and though we know the promise from His Word is about tears, we all survived and even some, especially Britta, were complimented on our smiles upon arrival. Sad, but Janet barely slept last night and is looking for opportunity for a nap today.

When we arrived, there was a little reggae-sounding band as we hiked down one hall, filling out immigration forms, standing in line, gathering gear was like other third world countries. But, the ride up the mountain, standing up in the back of a military truck, was unlike ANY other. In Port au Prince, people’s response to the truck filled with white folk was varied…. some cheerful, others disdainful. The filth, the exhaust, the overall sounds and smells were meant for us to experience, because Chuck pointed out, ‘there’s a shorter way!’ Amazingly, there was a fairly new gravel road up the mountain to the village–the gravel is white limestone, and the dust is white and thus, so are we . . .

Our accommodations…. A cement house with a corrugated aluminum roof. There is a central room about 25 by 40 and two large rooms with bunk beds and mattresses that just arrived last week. There are actually indoor bathrooms!!!!

So, we ate delicious spaghetti, sang and prayed, and all went to sleep (except for Janet). I’m so impressed by the quiet, courteous awaking–busy girls, so quiet upon arising.

The weather is perfect. But, they could use rain. Here, in Z’Orange, there are actually trees, so their leaves are dusty, but elsewhere, this country is sadly de-forested. One the way up here, Chuck explained that the former president committed this nation to Satan. The erosion has actually poisoned the surrounding reefs and there aren’t even good fish off the shore. These people are starving….. for affection, for food, for beauty, but, especially for salvation.

Today is Sunday, so, of course we went to church which is only 120 steps or so (though far less for Neal and Ken). Before this, a little gaggle of show-off boys challenged Tyler, who wowed them with his amazing push-up skills. Anna wowed them with her silly muscle isolation antics, and then we went to church. At first, it was like being at a Christian concert, lots of songs, lots of songs, lots of songs…..did I mention that they like to sing? Then, there were about 8 different groups that came up to sing 2-3 songs apiece. This included us…. they even clapped when we sang, “I’ll fly away.”

So, the truck needed to be fixed. All afternoon, Ken, Clint and John fixed the truck. Apparently, there are some stories about this truck that are still forthcoming . . . more on this amazing mobile as time unfolds.

Soon, we will go to church again…. For me, it is an opportunity to read my Bible, but, during some of the singing, I oooh’d and aaah’d as if I was singing backup for a heavenly choir….. so cool (oops), hot, actually, singing praises to the Lord here. Neal preached a simple message about the sower and the seed.

Many of us had opportunities to visit our neighbors. Some believe–others practice voodoo. Simon, our translator told me that Satan has three geographic kingdoms: India, Africa, and Haiti. Aren’t you glad that Hurley isn’t on the list. There are times that I believe it belongs there. That is why you are there and we are here. Occupy until He COMES. YAHOO! Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

Respectfully, and dustily, and joyfully submitted,

LeaAnn for all!!!!


Haiti November 07, 2011
Haiti November 04 - 05, 2011