Friday, Nov. 4, Simon and I went into Port to get block ice for our igloos and pick up a few more groceries. When we returned we grabbed a quick baloney sandwich, which Simon was very happy about. One day all I had to give him was two pieces of bread, with no water. I told him it could have been worse–I could have not given him anything. Simon just laughed and was happy with his two pieces of bread. Before we had lunch, I noticed one of our ceiling fans had stopped working, and then I went to get something out of the refrigerator, and it had stopped working as well. To top this off, the little generator had quit working the night before. Satan never stops working to see what little thing will break you. All these things have been working perfectly, and now a team is coming in 24 hours and things start to break. I have been in this situation many times before, and I just have to say, ‘Lord, I need your help.’ I have learned who to go to first–the simplest prayer you can pray, and He understands. I didn’t have time to look at either of these things, because we needed to finish lunch and go down to a little city called Cabera to buy some screws and locks, and lumber for some projects that we will be doing. I took Pastor John Renel with me. Then I had a truck take the lumber up to Z’Orange, while Simon and I drove into Port to pick up Karl Leiber.

Everything went really smoothly at the airport, and we got Karl back to the mission house before dark. I praise God for my brother coming to help me–it’s like having two of me when he is here. When we arrived we looked at the ceiling fan and the refrigerator, and before we went to bed Karl had fixed them both.

On Saturday, Nov, 5, we were to pick up the team from Range Bible Community Church in Wisconsin. I got up at 5:30 because we had to pick up Kat Chappell, a sister who has been with us many times. What a blessing she is to help with the medical team. Before I left I thought I would check my email and, guess what–satan didn’t sleep. The internet said they had terminated my service. I knew my bill was paid up until December, so I asked Simon if the company was open on Saturday, and he said they were. We left Z’Orange and picked Kat up at the airport at 7:30. Ginette met us there so she could take Kat grocery shopping with her. I hired a Haitian driver to take them to several markets, while Karl and I went to buy electrical supplies to put up ceiling fans in the church, and plumbing supplies to put in our kitchen sink. I sent Simon to the Digicel company with my computer. praying that they could fix the problem. I had told both teams coming in that I would be emailing back home so their families and churches could see that they had arrived safely in Haiti, and what they were doing while they were here.

Karl and I finished our shopping, and Simon called me and said everything was fixed with the computer–praise the Lord!! Simon wanted to show us the foundation for his house before we drove up to Z’Orange, so we went by there; you will see it in the pictures. We are praying that we will have enough money to build Simon a house. If you would like to be a part of this gift to a wonderful Christian family in Haiti, let me know.

We arrived back in Z’Orange to clean house a little and, thank God, Kat and Ginette were there to make our lunch and do the cleaning, because when we got in Gabriel, it wouldn’t start. satan (little s) is still hanging around to see if we are going to fold. Karl and I opened the hood and, after some looking around, we found a wire that was burned, fixed that, and Gabriel fired up.

We took off for the airport and made it in plenty of time. I went inside (after having to give a policeman a little money) to meet the team. After a little while the plane arrived (it was the only one arriving at that time), and it was the easiest airport pickup I have ever had. We got everyone loaded, and a few people rode with me in the Ford–most everyone wanted to ride in Gabriel. We took the long route so people could see more of Port au Prince. We arrived after dark, about 5:30, and Kat and Ginette had the generator on and dinner ready. As we were unloading the truck, Karl told me was having trouble with the brakes on Gabriel–just another fiery dart from you-know-who. When is he going to learn, “We win!!”

After a great dinner we discussed the rules of the house, then the team gathered together in a circle and sang, praising the Lord and telling about their experiences getting here. I was sitting in my office writing this and listening to this beautiful music of God’s children singing praises to Him, and I thanked God that He has given me this opportunity to bring them here. I am so blessed–satan cannot take away my joy.

Haiti November 06, 2011
Haiti November 02 - 03, 2011