Report by Kevin Applegate

Yesterday morning, after hanging with the kids and people around the well pump, we hiked up to the orphanage with the VBS material and some medications (children’s vitamins, Tylenol, and a few other things). I had the guitar on my back and a shoulder bag with the CPH buffs, but the Haitian boys gladly took them from me, which let me focus on the hike. We made our way up the steeper parts of the trail as it turned from a rocky gravel road to a winding stone path under trees and between houses.

The orphanage’s church/school house is wonderfully open, cool and breezy, with a beautiful view of the bare mountains that surround the valley. We stood in the middle of a ring of seated kids and Tony, our VBS translator, led them in familiar songs in Creole while I accompanied on guitar: “This Is The Day,” “Father Abraham,” and “Jesus Loves Me.” Tony brings an amazing energy to the songs, and the kids at the orphanage are amazing singers. After that, the pastor’s son played guitar and led the kids in a few more songs; the beautiful playing and singing brought tears to my eyes as these children worshipped God.

Owen and Josh performed David and Goliath (Josh makes a great Goliath), and one of the kids came up to be David. Tony translated for them. Afterwards we had the kids color pictures, while I jammed with the pastor’s son on guitar, playing blues riffs; that young man is one of the most gifted guitar players I’ve met in a long time. I gave him a new set of strings, which are very expensive here in Haiti.

Haiti May 22, 2016
Haiti May 20, 2016