Report by Lorrie Laird

Our second day in Haiti (Sunday) has been one for the books. This morning we got to experience the local church service and we all had a blast. As we walked into the church, we noticed that women and men sit on opposite sides of the church. Worship is very different – the singing is really loud, and the sound of the people’s voices drown out the sound of the instruments. At our churches in America, we can hardly hear the sound of the people singing because the music is so loud. This was a nice change in pace. The Haitians really know how to worship the Lord. While the preacher talked, our interpreter explained to us what was going on. The preacher was saying that God loves us no matter our skin color, as he pointed to all the white people sitting in the back. Then he asked us to stand up and introduce ourselves. The people were so happy that we were there to worship with them. As I was sitting in church, I couldn’t help but tear up when God showed me in that moment that we are all His children, and we worship the one living God.

Later in the service David Moss, one of our leaders, got to speak to the people using one of our interpreters. He read Acts 9:1-9. This passage tells of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. David talked about Paul’s life before he was converted and how God took him and changed his life even though he had killed so many Christians before. God takes us just as we are. He isn’t waiting for us to take care of our sins before he loves us, because we can’t do it on our own. We need Christ, and He loves us in spite of our mistakes. I don’t know how the people received the message, but it was an awesome reminder to me of God’s unconditional love.

After church, our team ate lunch and continued to count pills in preparation for the medical clinics that start tomorrow. Another team arrived this evening, and we are excited to get to know them and see how God uses us to share His love. Please be in prayer for us tomorrow as the clinics start. Pray that the people will find some physical relief from their aliments but, more importantly, that they will see God’s love through us. Thank you all for supporting our trip and praying for us while we serve here in Haiti.


Report by Annie Pilgrim & Katie O’Brien

First things first: we just want to let our families know we are safe and sound! The reason there were no updates the first couple of days is because when we arrived in Haiti we went straight to an orphanage, New Life Mission Children’s Home, where we stayed all of Friday and Saturday, until this afternoon. The place was absolutely beautiful, the kids and staff were so sweet and wonderful. We quickly got attached, and it was hard to say goodbye. This morning we went to church with them in the orphanage, and it was quite the experience; it was moving worshiping with these kids and the staff in a completely different language. Saturday night, Joe and Logan shared their testimonies during the kids’ small devotional, and during church this morning, Annie and Martez got to share theirs also. The women led a worship song, and then Jamie taught a sermon explaining who God is, who we are as man, and why we so desperately need Jesus in our lives as a Savior.

We left New Life with Bro. Chuck around 2 p.m. We drove through the city and up through the mountains to Truth Ministry’s mission house in Z’Orange, and the view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking. The bumpy ride was well worth it once we got to the mission house about 4:00 and saw the kids and met the rest of the team here from Mississippi. We were greeted with a delicious traditional Haitian meal, and we’re about to attend a late Sunday church service. Tomorrow we will start the medical clinics and VBS for the kids.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers during this trip; we ask that you continue to pray for the rest of our time here with TEM, and that the Lord would go before us and allow us to serve the people of Haiti as He wants us to.

Haiti March 9, 2015
Haiti March 7, 2015