Report by Andraya Roberts

Today was day 1 of the medical clinic. This morning we started with an encouraging word from Lorrie Laird about working together and not letting little things get in the way of our team ministering to the people of Haiti. I worked with Doc today, giving medicine to patients to help them feel better. We saw a plethora of people. It was really awesome to be able to put some of the things I have learned in semester 1 of nursing school to practice. The people we were going to see would get a health history filled out by Lisa, and then they would wait until they could be seen my either Betty’s group or Doc’s group. Doc would have Lorrie and me look at the various symptoms and discuss with him what type of medication we should give to them. We saw people with stomach aches, headaches, itchy eyes, and different kinds of infections. We gave tylenol for headaches and body aches. We have amoxicillin for infections and benedryl for itchy eyes. There were a few patients that we gave benedryl to for sleep problems, because it usually does make people drowsy.

In the moments between seeing patients and giving them medicine, I tried to take pictures of the many different roles our team members were playing. A few times I would look at some of the guys and ask them how they were doing. Many of them responded joyfully with their assigned duty of handing out toothpaste and toothbrushes. All of us were doing Kingdom work. Even though we were doing things to help their physical needs, it is our prayer that through our words and actions the people we are ministering to will see the love of Christ in us–He is the true healer. It is amazing what we can do if we let God take hold of our lives and transform us into people who care about other people. I love being here; I am so thankful to have the opportunity to spend my spring break in Haiti.


Report by Meaghan Hampton

The Sam Houston Team is having an amazing time in Haiti! We are learning so much and truly enjoying our experience. We are here with another group from Mississippi, and we started off the day with them sharing a wonderful devotional with us. Then our medical clinic began at 8 a.m. Half of the team helped with the medical clinic – assessing illnesses or passing out medication, eyeglasses, or toothbrushes. The other half of the team led a Vacation Bible School for some of the local school children. I was part of the VBS group. We all sang and danced together, read Bible stories, and colored. After lunch, our plan was to go and meet with some of the older children in school, but we make plans and God laughs! (We are understanding that the most important word to learn in Haiti is “flexibility.”) We didn’t realize that the older children weren’t in school today.

So instead, two of the missionaries here led us on a hike up to a local orphanage. It was on top of the mountain, overlooking a beautiful view. As beautiful as the view was, however, it was painful to see the poverty that contrasted with the incredible scenery. These sweet children live in dusty tents and play in a cement room with open windows and brightly colored curtains. One of the older children brought out a guitar and began singing worship songs in Kreol and in English. We couldn’t help but tear up whenever they began to sing “And now, let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us, give thanks…” They are the most beautiful people who love the Lord so much! They ministered to us much more than we ministered to them, I’m sure. We are learning that this culture values the simple things in life that are so beautiful, like family, friends, and relationships. Materially, they have nothing, yet they are so joyful….we have so much to learn from them. We are so thankful for this trip and for all that God is teaching us!

Haiti March 10, 2015
Haiti March 8, 2015