I would like to thank all the people and churches that made this mission trip possible for the Saints who are here. We all need the support of our churches, and of our brothers and sisters. I would like to thank the Blue Angel Baptist Church in Pensacola for sending Pastor Ken and Debbie – what a blessing they have been. Then Pastor Lonnie, for his encouragement to his flock (John, Maiyah, Andrionna, Denise, Carlos and Beverly)  from Greater Little Rock Baptist Church in Pensacola, who have worked in the medical clinics and VBS. Also, Wright Baptist Church, which is represented by Pastor John, Pastor Fred Billy and Lane Thompson; Shalimar Baptist Church of Shalimar FL, represented by Pastor Chuck and Amanda; Airways Baptist Church of Dayton OH for sending Pastor Jeff; Batesburg Baptist Church of Batesburg, SC for sending Betty Summer.  Almost forgot my brother Chuck Guerber, who is always here with me, from Range Community Bible Church in Hurley WI.

May the Lord give a special blessing to everyone who helped make this trip possible. We have 2 more days, so please continue to pray us.


Report by Debbie Loubriel

This is my third mission trip to Haiti with TEM. I never thought I would be able to handle such a trip! Guess what, when God calls you He will indeed equip you, as well as humble you. There is just something about this place and the wonderful people that draws you back. There are so many needs and so many souls to be saved in this country. Our God is supplying all of these needs and saving  many souls, one at a time, through people that hear from our Lord and answer the call. I am very thankful to have been able to come this year and to be accompanied by my husband, Ken. I have made many friends and have seen so many needs that have been met thus far. I have been working with Ms. Betty and Ms. Denise and the medical team, while my husband has been teaching the Haitian pastors. Our team has helped so many people, both physically and spiritually. We have been able to pray over many of the patients; most of them are open to prayer, few have refused prayer.

This morning we saw over 111 people at Daniel’s village. Ken was able to lead one soul to Christ, praise God! To my surprise, even Daniel, the voodoo priest, asked us for prayer before we had a chance to ask him. Can you imagine – our God loves all of these people in this voodoo village just as much as he loves you and me, they are his children. He loves all sinners, but not our sins. To God be the glory.

Before I close, I must tell you how thankful I am for the new facility. It has come so far since the last time I was here. We now have bunk beds, flushing toilets, running water and showers (hallelujah!) just to name a few of the new amenities. So get your passports and pack your bags, come see what the Lord is doing!

Haiti March 28, 2013
Haiti March 26, 2013