Report by Denise Davis

Glory to God, our Father! Today has been an awesome day to serve the Lord, and what better place than in Z’Orange, Haiti! The medical team, along with myself, was able to see over 100 patients today. We saw all ages ranging from 3-month-old infants to 90-year-old men and women. Seeing the joy and relief on their faces just to receive medication as simple as Tylenol is indescribable. Our clinic operated much more smoothly today. The rotation of patients waiting to be treated and receive the much needed care was done decently and in order. During clinic, Pastor Jeff was able to lead a 73-year-old man to Christ. We can truly say God’s healing power took place physically and spiritually. Surprisingly, we were able to medically treat all those who came, and we finished early enough to prepare for the next day! Thank you, Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, for all of your prayers in support for what we are doing here. Through your prayers, God is continually strengthening us to complete the mission at hand. Praise the Lord!


Report by Beverly Andrews

Well, today is day 3. I have had an amazing time so far. Adrionna, Mayiah and I have been teaching Vacation Bible School (VBS) to the children. This morning we stayed in the village and taught about 20 children. Our interpreter, Ginette, sang songs in Creole to get the lesson started, and then Adrionna and I sang a song in English. The children actually caught on pretty fast. Then we taught a lesson about how we should praise God because he gives us hope; once the lesson was done, we let the children play with bubbles – they really enjoyed that. After lunch we went to an orphanage to teach more children; there were about 15 of them. However, we didn’t teach the lesson, Pastor Jeff did. He told the story about Joseph and what he went through to become king. He told the children that only God knows what will happen to you, not man. All in all, VBS has been a blast so far. I can’t wait to see what will happen the rest of the week.


Report by John McInnis

The mission team went to Daniel’s voodoo village to teach the Life and Ministry of Jesus. On Monday and Tuesday, over 40 men, women and children heard the Gospel story. On Monday, 16 people received Jesus as Savior. On Tuesday, 9 young boys heard the Bible story of Jesus feeding the 5000 people, and 4 boys prayed to receive Jesus.

The Pastors Conference has around 50 pastors and church leaders studying various pastoral skills and responsibilities. The theme for the week is “Hold Fast,” taken from Revelation 3:11. The pastors and church leaders are guided by 6 training pastors to search the Scriptures about prayer, holiness, Bible study and sermon preparation, conflict resolution, knowing God’s will, leading like Jesus, stewardship and discipleship.

Haiti March 27, 2013
Haiti March 25, 2013