Report by Ashley Hagen

Today we held a medical clinic at a church up the hill. After the clinic we went to an orphanage, where the kids sang for us. Hearing them sing praises to the Lord was the most beautiful sound I have heard. As we walked back to the mission house for lunch I was in awe of God’s creation. The beauty of this place never ceases to amaze me. This place and the people fill my heart with joy–a joy that comes from the Lord. This place and this trip are truly a gift from God.


Report by Brooke Stevenson

Today at the clinic, I got to help out not as a nurse. I helped out by handing out toothbrushes and soap, and I saw how God and our team is treating the Haitians. I got to just watch…these people are sick and in need of help. I saw how God is using us – whether it be as nurse, or just to hand out soap. I saw that I can be useful in just smiling their way. God is in the everything. God is in the nature of the walk on the way there, and in the sick and the treated. Even at the orphanage, there is hope and the spirit of God there. They might not have much but they have the Lord, and here that is all you need. When I was with a kid earlier, I just held her hand because we didn’t know the each other’s language, but then she looked at me and said “I love you” in perfect English. In that moment–that is God! God broke the language barriers and just let us love on these kids this week. This year was my first trip to Haiti, and I have found peace and joy in the simple everyday here.

Haiti March 15, 2017
Haiti March 13, 2017