Tuesday afternoon we went to Daniel’s voodoo village for medical clinic. We walk to get there, and we have to carry all the medical supplies. The people were anxiously waiting for us, young and old. The little kids can’t wait until the young team gets there to play with them, and the adults look forward to the clinic. The team members now behave as veterans. They go right in, set up, and get ready to go – within 15 minutes they are seeing patients.

Today we’ll have our last clinic. We are at a church called Lone. It also has a very nice school. As usual, the team set up quickly and began to see patients, while others played with the kids.

For me, it is so refreshing to see young people showing the love of our Lord to the Haitian people. All the parents, pastors, church family, and David and Lisa should be very proud of them – I am.

Haiti March 16, 2017
Haiti March 14, 2017