Report by Tyler Normand

Today was the last medical clinic of the week and, like every clinic before, it went along smoothly (all credit to the Father). We were able to see and treat many families and provide medicines they normally do not have access to. Most importantly, we were able to show the love of Christ through our efforts because, in the grand scheme of God’s sovereign plan, what is healing someone physically if we do not attempt to heal them spiritually, and their spirit is the eternal part of them? This is my third time coming to Haiti and my second time working with TEM, and I think that I, personally, had my eyes opened to that idea today. When I had come to Haiti in the past, the motivating idea was, “These people need Americanization. They need better roads, better economy, better everything.” I remember saying that at some point, but now I realize that they do not need Americanization or to “come up to our level,” because that will not save them.

Before the clinic today, I spent some time in Philippians Chapter 2. There is this great passage about imitating the humility that Christ had. It talks about how Christ was equal with God and above all mankind, but did not consider that something to be held on to. Instead, he lowered himself to the level of not just a man, but a servant. He was obedient to the Father to the point of dying for the sins of anyone and everyone who ever lived and will live. It is at his name that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and glorify the Father. This was so much different than what I was once thinking–the prideful idea that bringing them up to America’s level was what they needed. The truth is that Christ and his love, shown through our works of humility, is what all of us – not just the wonderful people of Haiti – need.


Report by Michael Goodwin & Joe Kuntz

Last night we went to a Haitian church known as Jerusalem IV. When we arrived, there were thoughts that the service wouldn’t take place because there weren’t many Haitians around. We started singing worship songs outside, and the music drew people in. About 15-20 minutes later, the entire church was full with people singing and worshiping the Lord. The music seemed to turn into a concert, and before long every person in the church was on their feet dancing and praising God. It was a beautiful scene to witness the nations worshiping together under one roof. It was cool to see Psalms 67:3-4 happening before our eyes. One of the leaders from Mississippi preached about the response we must make to the love of Christ. We can be overwhelmed by his love and count it more valuable than anything else, or we can choose rebellion and go through life on our own accord. Lastly, we would like everyone to know that we are all doing well and really enjoying our time here. We will be heading back to the United States tomorrow,so please pray for safe travels! Thank you for the support and continuing to check in on us, we love you all!

Haiti March 13, 2015
Haiti March 11, 2015