Report by Hannah Hollis

Today has been another busy and successful day. We set up our first clinic at a school/church named Legise Corps de Christ Chambre, or the Body of Christ, in a nearby area. I worked with the medical team and it was amazing. After 2 days of trial and error, we have worked out the kinks and developed a pretty good system. This is the first time TEM has ever done a clinic at this location and we were unsure how the people would react, but they were very orderly and made our job easy. At lunchtime we went back to the mission house. After some food and rest, we headed to the voodoo village for the second medical clinic of the day.

Visiting the voodoo village is an experience like no other. The leader is a voodoo priest named Daniel, who has at least 30 wives and dozens of children – therefore, there is constant chaos. However, it is so encouraging that Bro. Chuck has such a strong relationship with Daniel and his village. Last night we showed the Jesus movie in the voodoo village – both children and adults have much of the movie memorized! Our prayer is that, in time, that village will be forever changed, because they desperately need the Lord. Tonight we look forward to going to church here in Z’Orange, and then getting some much needed rest before a long day tomorrow.


Report by Jamie Hampton

Today was another beautiful day here in Haiti. I was with Annie, Katie, Logan, Meaghan, and David. We had the privilege to go to a voodoo village and lead VBS with the children. It has been such a pleasure for our team to see the children’s joy and their smiles. It is great to think and pray that God will raise up the children of this village to renounce voodoo and claim it for Christ! Many of the children have heard about Christ, and they are extremely warm to the thought of him as Savior and Lord. We read them Bible stories, made bracelets that tell the salvation story, and played soccer. Please pray for Daniel, the leader of the voodoo village. TEM is praying that he might be reached, and to see the village worship the one true God! Please know everyone is safe here and having a great time.

Haiti March 12, 2015
Haiti March 10, 2015