Report by Miss Eaves

What a privilege to introduce my students to foreign missions! It never gets old watching them experience their first flight, their first time going through customs, and especially their first time to experience the people and the culture of the country where we are ministering. Let me take this opportunity to thank you parents who entrust me with this privilege! I know that it can’t be easy to send your most prized possession to something unknown. I understand that the trust is first in our sovereign Lord, who has called this team together. What a blessing to watch the students come out of their comfort zone and begin to interact with the Haitians; and not just interact, but develop relationships that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Today we held a carnival for the kids in the valley. This was the first time this has been attempted. Thanks to our interpreters, it was a great success. Outside the building was controlled chaos, inside it was peaceful and fun for all. We made games out of the resources of the country. Perhaps they will learn some new games and have some fun of their own.

Last night we asked the students to share some of what God was teaching them . . . one of our young men shared from the song “He Loves” the line, “if grace is an ocean we’re all sinking.” He said he realized that in spite of his mistakes the reality of how much the Lord loves him has become so evident to him while he has been in Haiti. All week the challenge has been that they would allow God to capture their hearts . . . pray with us in the remaining days that God would do just that!


Report by Jeff Barber

This has been my first experience on a foreign mission trip, and it has really opened my eyes to the “other side of the world.”

Today, Chuck and I visited the home of “Wouman.” Chuck has had the opportunity over the past several months to build a relationship with this man and his family of five. Chuck said that in the past he has delivered food to this family. During one of these visits that included food,  the kids responded with clapping because they were so happy to see these provisions. Hard to imagine children being so happy to see food! During our visit today, Wouman allowed Chuck to pray for him and his family. Chuck also  delivered a few basic food items, for which he was very thankful. Before we left, Wouman showed Chuck his baby, who was probably about 8 months old. He was very concerned about her health, which leads me to ask you to join me in praying that the clinic that is in the works will be completed very soon.

Haiti June 16, 2013
Haiti June 14, 2013