The team went to Jerusalem IV this morning; it was a beautiful day. The team sang some songs; the Haitians always love to hear the Americans sing. The children here will really miss the teenagers when we leave. The Haitian children wait outside every day for them to come out, so they can play with them. These children here never have anyone to pay attention to them, and hold them, and love on them. And I’m sure the Americans will miss their new Haitian friends, as well.

After church we had some delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips, and then we rested for a while. Around 1:30 we loaded up Gabriel and went into the outskirts of Port au Prince to let the group see one of the tent areas. Yes, they are still here – since January of 2010! The tents are mostly rags now, but the people have made these areas their home. I believe this group will have a new appreciation of everything that God has blessed them with at home.

Haiti June 17, 2013
Haiti June 15, 2013