Last night (Wednesday) we went to Jerusalem IV Church, and I had good news to give the congregation. They started their church years ago with thatch, then after the earthquake they were able to cover the sides with tarps and put tin on tree branches for a roof. They had a dirt floor for years, and when they danced and praised God it looked like a dust storm inside the church! Because of a couple in America, they will now be able to build the foundation for their new church building. I explained to them how Jerusalem II was built – the Americans supplied the materials, but the church members had to build their own building. We will provide a boss and 2 workers, but they will have to carry water, mix concrete and help build the building themselves. I asked them if they would do that, and they all agreed with a hearty AMEN! I also told them to keep praying that God will provide the rest of the funds needed to build their church building. After the announcement, Pastor Jeremy preached a powerful message about our Lord, Jesus.

Today we had a fun morning just relaxing and playing outside with the kids. After lunch we went to the market so the group could see the locals selling their goods; corn, peas, beans, chickens, etc. Then we went to an orphanage that we visit often and were welcomed by little children hugging on us before we could even get in the building! As always we were blessed….

Haiti July 29, 2016
Haiti July 27, 2016