After lunch today we went to Daniel’s voodoo village, where people were already lined up for the medical clinic. As always, they were so happy to see us and to be able to get medical attention. This evening after dinner we are going to Jerusalem IV for singing, dancing, and worshiping our Lord. Pastor Jeremy will be preaching.

This team is awesome! They are working very hard in this heat, and no one is complaining – they truly are filled with the joy of the Lord. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s will to be done here as He uses us to be His ambassadors.


Report by Alley Farstad

It is Wednesday afternoon in Haiti, and I have recovered from jet lag but still have no concept of time. All in all, in Creole, “mwen te domi byen” – I slept good. We as a team were blessed today with the rugged mountain hike up to KodeKris Church, where little houses made of dirt and rock, wild and rambunctious children, and sick families awaited us. My sweet Haitian friend that I met last night (who also made me a bracelet) greeted me on the mountain as my backpack was snatched from me out of love. When we crossed a small river I watched as people took the biggest rocks they could find to pave a rockway for our feet to land on as we crossed the water. I was surrounded by sooooo many Haitian kids that NEVER stop touching, feeling, and loving on you. They don’t have any boundaries, and as we trekked through villages the men, women, children, and even the elderly anticipated our arrival within their homes with greetings, smiles, adoration, and enthusiasm. There is something different here in the thumbprint of God’s mountain that creates an atmosphere of peace – a peace that does not exist in America. There is less room here for greed, competition, pride, and selfishness; forget about gluttony, it just doesn’t exist here. The simple peace and compassion that is rooted in Haiti, I am praying that God will allow this mystery to grow into a beautiful reality…the most blessed I have ever seen is to have less.


Haiti July 28, 2016
Haiti July 26, 2016