I prayed about the best time to attempt to take the team into Port-au-Prince, and after several reports from friends yesterday the Lord gave me peace about bringing the team in to the hotel today. It always amazes me how God’s people work together to get His work done. Without Pastor Simon, Pastor DeVey and Pariton (who risked their lives to work with us this week by traveling in the chaos to get to us), it would have been very difficult. With their friends in different places all over the city and my contacts at the airport and hotel, we were able to come up with a plan to leave today. We had no problems at any time…no roadblocks, no burning tires, no mobs of people…it was almost like a Sunday afternoon drive. We arrived at the hotel around noon. We have such an Awesome, Awesome God who delivered us safely to the hotel, almost just across from the airport. Our plan (and we hope God isn’t laughing) is to fly out on Friday, but if He has another plan I’m going with His!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Please keep praying, especially for the Haitian people who are wonderful, friendly people — that their country will have peace.

Haiti July 12, 2018
Haiti July 10, 2018