Today is the last day of the Teachers Conference which Sandy Perez has pretty much prepared for and taught by herself, with some assistance from Hannah and Jola. I want to thank the people who donated the funds for this much needed conference. We could not have had the conference without these donations.

Also today, Dr. Cindy has been pulling teeth with the assistance of Hannah and Jola. Can you even imagine the relief of having a tooth that has been aching for months removed?

Our plan is to get to Port-au-Prince tomorrow or Thursday to a hotel that I know to be safe. We will leave here depending on the situation with blocked roads….I get hourly reports from friends in different areas.

Haiti is going to need help for many months to come. Over 1000 people have lost their jobs because the stores they worked in have been burned. They will have no way to buy food for their families or send their kids to school. There are areas where some elderly are dying due to lack of water–they usually have water trucks that bring them water.

Please be praying for us as we prepare to come home, and for the people of Haiti.

Haiti July 11, 2018
Haiti June 19, 2018