By Chuck Guerber

Today is Monday, and Ken was back at it. He painted one of the bathrooms, plus sanded and stained the shelf that was in it–that would be the one that Joe H and I built last February. I’m amazed at Ken’s work ethic; he just doesn’t stop! I get tired just thinking about how hard he works.

This morning I met Pastor Jonas, who has a church up on a nearby hill, only about a mile from here. I, along with the aid of a local who can speak good English, walked up to the church late this morning. We passed by three different voodoo priests’ huts and/or temples. They were beating the drums pretty good at one we walked past! I was walking with a ‘Proclaimer,’ so they got a taste of God’s word. I told the pastor I had the ‘Jesus movie’ and he asked if I would show it up there. Praise God! I’ll head back tomorrow to see what evening he wants the movie.

Last night (Sunday night) we showed the movie titled “The Hope” in the church by the mission house. It goes from the creation through the Old and New Testaments in Creole. Ken and I both tried counting the people, and at best we came up with a little over 200! Pastor Do put the word out that there would be a movie, and they sure showed up! People watched so intently.

Today when I was walking through the village I had numerous people (kids mostly) ask me when the next ‘cinema’ was going to be. I’ve been able to scratch out enough Creole to explain that it will be later, in a few days. There are many places in the area I would like to show the movie, God willing.

Tonight we had a great meal, prepared by Pastor Do’s wife. Rice, conga beans, hot slaw, chicken and french fries–it was a blessing to receive. Our normal night meal has consisted of spaghetti and ketchup (we failed to pick up spaghetti sauce while in Port), or something similar. Not that there isn’t great food provided for us by TEM, because there is. But being a couple guys, we aren’t very motivated to make a great big meal. We know that dishes follow whatever you mess up.

We thank God for a beautiful day and pray this finds you all well!
Chuck Guerber & Ken Challis

Haiti January 11, 2012
India January 8, 2012